I decided to compile a list of books that have been useful to me, as a business analyst.

I have included cover pictures and a link to Amazon for more information on the book.

Some of these books are designed to be a reference to help you in your job, some of them to help with specific BA qualification and some just to read and retain. I have placed the books in order of importance and influence to my knowledge as a Business Analyst:

Business Analysis

Don Yeates, Debra Paul, Tony Jenkins, Keith Hindle (Paperback – Apr 21, 2006)


This is the main text for the BA Diploma and I think the first and main text to concentrate on as a BA.

CBAP Certified Business Analysis Professional All-in-One Exam Guide with CDROM

Joseph Phillips (Hardcover – Aug 1, 2009)


So far, the first book covering the CBAP syllabus.

Soft Systems Methodology in Action

Peter Checkland (Paperback – May 30, 1999)


I have been using this book since University Soft Systems Methodology is the

basis of all Business Analysis.

Diagnosing the System for Organizations (Classic Beer Series)

Stafford Beer (Paperback – Sep 28, 1994)


This describes the Viable Systems Model (VSM) and explains how to conceptualise business functions.

A Pragmatic Guide to Business Process Modelling

Jon Holt (Paperback – Sep 26, 2005)


This is a great book to assist in Business Process Modelling.

Getting it Right: Business Requirement Analysis Tools and Techniques

Kathleen B. Hass, Don Wessels, Kevin Brennan (Paperback – Oct 4, 2007)


This book breaks down the Requirements phases, describing tools and techniques as well as theory.

Business Information Systems: Analysis, Design and Practice

Mr Graham Curtis, Dr David Cobham (Paperback – Sep 9, 2004)


This is a book I used at university and still seem to delve into often

IT Business Analysis in Investment Banking: A Definitive Guide to Business Analysis in Invest…

Essvale Corporation Limited (Paperback – Aug 1, 2010)


Have just bought this, as I work in this industry – so far an interesting read for this niche – and very true!

Strategic Management and Business Analysis

David Williamson, Peter Cooke, Wyn Jenkins, Keith Michael Moreton (Paperback – Nov 19, 2003)


An area many senior BA’s get involved in – scoping of strategy. A very good book.

Writing Better Requirements

Ian Alexander, Richard Stevens (Paperback – Jul 17, 2002)


A great book on requirements theory and psychology.

Business Process Analysis

Geoffrey Darnton, Moksha Darnton (Hardcover – May 29, 1997)


An important skill for BA’s and a good book

Systems Thinking, Systems Practice: Includes a 30 Year Retrospective

Peter Checkland (Paperback – Jul 29, 1999)


Classic,this book explains the bigger picture and using systemic theory to view the problem situation.

Brain of the Firm (Classic Beer Series)

Stafford Beer (Paperback – Sep 28, 1994)


Stafford Beer follows on the VSM work to describe how the business should be led.

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